Chinhoyi Caves Tour

The limestone caves were first described by Frederick Courtney Selous in 1888. These caves are the most extensive cave system in Zimbabwe that the public can access.

The caves have an essential place in African Traditional Religion, with the caves themselves as a site for rainmaking, surrounded by a sacred forest, from which trees could not be felled. The Wonder Hole is the main feature of the caves, which is a “swallow hole” or a large cavern with a collapsed roof. The walls of the Wonder Hole drop vertically down for 150 feet to the sleeping pool which our adrenaline junkies normally use for Scuba Diving. The pool is unbelievably blue and crystal clear which reflects the great depth of non-flowing water.

The traditional name for the Caves is “Chirorodziva” which means the “Pool of the Fallen”. The name was derived from an incident that took place in the 1830s when the Angoni Tribe, who were moving northwards surprised people living near the Caves and flung them into the pool.


  • Cave Exploration
  • Scuba Diving
  • Lion Park
  • Picnics