Chinhoyi Caves: The Blue Lagoon of Zimbabwe

Do you want to discover a hidden gem in Zimbabwe? Do you want to dive into the crystal clear waters of an underground pool? Do you want to learn about the ancient history and culture of the Bantu people? Then you should visit Chinhoyi Caves, the largest and oldest limestone and dolomite caves in the country. Chinhoyi Caves are located just 31 km from Harare, the capital city, in a scenic area of granite hills. They are a national park, managed by the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority. Chinhoyi Caves are famous for their main attraction, the Sleeping Pool or Chirorodziva (“Pool of the Fallen”). This is a cobalt blue pool of water that lies inside a dark cave. The pool is about 46 metres deep, and has a constant temperature of 22 to 24 °C (72 to 75 °F). The water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the pool. You can also see the fish and plants that live in the pool.


Chinhoyi Caves are also a paradise for divers, who can explore the complex network of underwater passages that connect the various pools. The caves have been visited by diving teams from all over the world, who have reached depths of more than 100 metres (330 feet). The caves are open for diving all year round, and offer a unique and thrilling experience. Chinhoyi Caves are not only a natural wonder, but also a cultural and historical treasure. You can learn about the traditions and customs of the Bantu people, who have lived around the caves for centuries. You can also hear about the legend of the Pool of the Fallen, which commemorates an incident in 1830, when an invading tribe massacred many locals and threw their bodies into the pool.


Chinhoyi Caves are a place that will amaze you and touch your soul. They are a place where you can experience the beauty and mystery of nature, and the diversity and richness of culture. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Chinhoyi Caves, the Blue Lagoon of Zimbabwe. Book your trip today!