Explore the African landscape with Tootles Adventures and the best way to do it is in person. As mentioned in many African folktales, the tortoise is a creature full of wisdom spanning generations of humans as it lives longer than any other creature.

The giant African tortoise knows its landscape the way you do the back of your hands, and so do our tour spheres of operation. As it trails its giant body across the African Savannah it observes the terrain in detail. It marks specific landmarks. We in the same spirit and tradition as the African tortoise precisely know and follow the same paths and routes that have been treaded upon by generations of natives and tourists showing you historical, natural and cultural heritage sites giving you an experience of a lifetime.

Observe and experience the real African Outdoor Experience with us as you perambulate the dewy winter mornings nudging tall grasses in the African bush while nodding to the tweeting tunes and picking juicy nutritious fruits in the autumn afternoons as you go down to the waterhole to catch a glimpse of those sunset lion hunts. Pause for those Kodak Moments in the lush African summer forest and capture those panoramic views of the Savannah Spring cycle of life as it starts all over again. Savour those moments as you enjoy Africa’s cultural music, dances and games passed down from generation to generation as you mix and mingle with the native experts. Satisfy your taste buds with a variety of traditional meals cooked using historic recipes. Book your Expedition today!